To thrive and survive,
every business must
increase performance.

We’ll help you navigate complex business challenges with immersive leadership development and team performance training that drives success.

Business performance, leadership and management is a bit like climbing a mountain. You reach the peak, only to face another hidden behind.

At West Peak we provide immersive, leadership, management and team performance training. Our tailored solutions enable incremental enhancements in your people’s performance at work and personal life that has a consistent lasting effect, whether you’re a first time or emerging leader or part of the SLT or C-Suite.

Our Solutions

Leadership Training

Leadership development & management training is essential for individuals, teams and businesses to survive and thrive. Our Summit Leadership Programme™ is designed and tailored to cater for the needs of leaders at all levels from first time or emerging all the way to the SLT and C-Suite.

Team Performance Events

Our offsite team performance events are unlike no other. Born out of lockdown with the need to get individuals back together and operating as a high performing team. We deliver performance enhancing events for businesses that significantly impact team dynamics, collaboration and organisational success.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching has emerged as a powerful tool for embedding learning whilst developing and enhancing leadership capabilities within organisations. Usually as a follow on from our flagship Summit Leadership Programme™, it is a personalised and collaborative process that aims to unlock an individual’s full potential.

The difference between success and failure is how

people work together.

Our Summit

We increase your performance, employee engagement, output, and retention. We partner with you to facilitate best in class individual and team leadership development. We deliver performance results through methods rooted in science and presented ready for real-world application. We achieve incremental enhancements in teamship, followership, and self-leadership for the individual, the team, and the business.

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