What if I told you the future of team building is already here?

What if I told you the future of team building is already here?

A new era requires a new approach with the future of team building. 

In a recent study by the CMI 42% of respondents said that work activities should not revolve around alcohol and 30% said they had witnessed inappropriate behaviour or harassment at such an event. Younger people aged between 16-34 were most likely to say this. With the rapid rise in non-alcoholic beverage alternatives hitting the market and sales rising there has never been a clearer message that people are looking for different ways to do business.

In this piece we will look at our top 5 tips for organising a meaningful team activity without the centre piece being the bar tab. In our work at West Peak the demand for bringing people together in a safe but challenging environment has never been stronger.

Tip 1

Have a purpose
What is it you want to get out of the time you are organising. Time is important to all, so its important to know what the purpose of getting together is and what the business and individuals are set to gain from the experience.

Tip 2

Have diversity
Too often events and team activities are organised by just a couple of people, and this can lead to a slightly narrow-minded approach. Try and arrange a well-rounded team to organise the event, you will benefit from creative ideas and suggestions that will appeal to a diverse group of people in the team.

Tip 3

Be brave
Cookie cutter approach brings Cookie cutter results. If you want to inspire and engage really use the nature and world around us. Take your team out of their comfort zone and expose them to a challenge and this will drive real conversations and tangible results back into the workplace.

Tip 4

Bring in an expert
So often companies will try and do everything themselves in an area that is not their given expertise. Try working with a trusted partner who can advise, guide and inspire. Think of Keynote speakers that could add value or experts from a certain field who can help galvanise your team.

Tip 5

Be present
The most important last tip! You have got this far, arranged the event, thought outside the box, got everyone in position. Now be present, lead by example and get the most out of everyone for the time you have together. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage and inspire by replying to emails that can wait.

This blog was written by Simon Maguire who is a human performance expert and Director at West Peak.

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