Summiting Sustainability: West Peak Becomes a B Corp!

Summiting Sustainability: West Peak Becomes a B Corp!

At West Peak, we’ve always believed that business success shouldn’t come at the expense of the greater good. We help companies navigate complex leadership challenges, but that guidance extends beyond the boardroom. We see a responsibility to foster not just thriving businesses, but also thriving communities and a thriving planet. That’s why we’re incredibly proud to announce that West Peak has officially become a Certified B Corporation!

Ben Stocken, Founder & CEO of West Peak commented about the recent certification;

“This rocks! We founded West Peak to make a dent in the world of people development. For far too long people development has been a tick box exercise or delivered poorly. We do things differently at West Peak and this recognition of how we are doing business the right way is testament to the skill and effort of the team. I’m so happy to be part of this global movement transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. Watch this space world! More to come from the Peaker’s!”

B Corps are a new breed of business, using their expertise to create positive impact alongside profit. It’s about holding ourselves accountable to a higher standard, one that measures success by the positive ripples we create. Becoming a B Corp wasn’t a quick climb, but it was a deeply rewarding one. 

Ben Wade, Managing Director added;

“This significant milestone signals a commitment to balancing purpose and profit, reflecting West Peak’s dedication to social and environmental responsibility. As an Owner/Managing Director, BCorp certification underscores the firm’s ethos of ethical leadership and sustainable practices, leading by example when we are invited to support other businesses in their people performance journey.

It showcases our alignment with a global movement of businesses striving to impact individuals, employees, society and the planet positively. This certification enhances our brand reputation, but opens doors to collaboration with like-minded partners and clients who prioritise purpose-driven leadership. Embracing this achievement allows us to further differentiate our business as a market leader in people performance development and to inspire others towards a more sustainable future.”

The process meant a rigorous assessment of our practices across five key areas: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. Every training programme, every interaction with clients, had to be evaluated through this lens. This wasn’t just about ticking boxes; it was about identifying areas where we could be a stronger force for good.

For the West Peak team, B Corp certification isn’t a trophy on the shelf, it’s a compass guiding our path. Here’s how this translates into action:

  • Building a Sustainable Future: We integrate environmental and social responsibility into our leadership training programmes. We equip leaders to make decisions that not only drive profit, but that also consider the company’s impact on the environment and the communities they operate in.
  • Empowering Our Team: We know that a happy, engaged team is the foundation for a successful company. We prioritise fair wages, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and professional development opportunities. This creates a ripple effect, as empowered employees are more likely to contribute to positive change in their own businesses.
  • Giving Back to the Business Ecosystem: We believe in supporting the very businesses we help grow and the local community around us helping them build strong leadership teams and achieve their social impact goals.

We understand that becoming a B Corp is just the beginning. It’s a commitment to continuous improvement, to raising the bar for ourselves and inspiring others. This journey wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible clients who share our values. You’ve chosen West Peak because you believe in the power of responsible business practices, and that unwavering belief gives us the strength to keep pushing the boundaries.

We invite you to join us on this climb. As we innovate our training programmes to integrate sustainability and social responsibility, and as we partner with more organisations making a positive impact, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Let’s team up to achieve new heights in purpose-driven business. With strong leadership, we can drive not only company growth but also make our world more sustainable and equitable.

The honour of becoming a B Corporation business has had such a positive impact within the West Peak team. We asked the members of the team what it meant to them and this was their response… 

Jo Murphy – Head of Delivery:

“I am incredibly proud that West Peak has achieved B Corp certification, showcasing our commitment to balancing profit with social and environmental impact.”

Matt Hall  – Head of Client Success: 

“A B Corp is a type of business that meets high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. 

By showing ourselves as a B Corp, we showcase West Peak as a force for good by balancing profit and purpose.”

Hannah Grzonka – Operational Success Lead/EA:

“I’m really proud to be part of West Peak, a company that’s all about challenging normal and creating positive change. Getting our B Corp certification shows just how serious we are about that. It feels great to work for a company that lines up so well with what I believe in. The B Corp movement isn’t just important for us; it’s crucial for everyone. It’s all about making the world a better place economically; a better place for people, the environment, and communities everywhere. Our team is fully on board with the B Corp values, and I can’t wait to see the awesome impact we’ll keep making in the future.”

Fran Brand – Associate Director of Leadership Development:

“It makes me proud to say I work for an organisation that is part of a network of others that drive change benefitting people, communities and the planet.”

Andy Coyle – Director 

This is an awesome milestone for West Peak! And is far more than a mere accreditation!

We feel strongly that our business exists to bring about positive change for high performing teams, so being able to say we are now B-Corp certified aligns not only with the societal impact we want to have but also embraces a collective responsibility to drive positive change in the world.

I’m so excited to now be part of a global community of like-minded organisations and cannot wait to see the impact we can all make together!”

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