Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read through our terms and conditions now before you confirm your booking.

As a company, we aim to be as flexible as possible in accommodating our clients’ needs when things change. However, we still need to run a viable business and therefore have the following booking conditions in place:

If you Cancel

  • If you cancel before your course start date, we will hold your place and provide you with alternative options to re book.

If we Cancel

  • For Summit Leadership Programme courses, we require a minimum number of bookings to run the course. Should the number of bookings fall short of this requirement, we will offer an alternative course date.


  • We deliver all our courses in line with current government guidelines for COVID-19.
  • At present we ask all participants on our courses to take a lateral flow test the morning of the first day of their course and confirm with us that they have had a negative result.
  • If we cannot run a course because of a change to government guidelines around COVID-19, we will communicate this as early as possible and provide you with alternative options.


We recommend that you obtain insurance for your course to cover all cancellation, expenses, search, and rescue (for overseas trips) and medical emergencies, as well as equipment loss or theft. Please remember to check that hillwalking and swimming is covered by whatever policy you have in place.

Your Safety

Your safety is our ultimate concern, and you have the right to opt out of any activity presented to you. Hillwalking, mountaineering, swimming, and all other activities that may be included in your course are activities that come with a small risk of personal injury or, in extreme circumstances, death. By booking a course, you are aware of and accept these risks and agree to be responsible for your own actions and involvement. Our guides are highly experienced professionals who constantly appraise and mitigate the prevailing dangers. They will advise you on managing these risks; however, they can never altogether remove them. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you confirm that you are familiar with the nature of the activity you wish to undertake, acknowledge said risks and waive all rights to pursue West Peak Partners for any and all personal injury or loss resulting from your participation in this course.

Medical Conditions

You must share any medical conditions, allergies, and medications you take with us when you complete the registration form. There are very few conditions that will preclude you from the course. However, we must have this information to ensure we keep you safe and to be able to pass it on to medical professionals if needed. The information you provide will remain strictly confidential and be removed from our files after we no longer need it.