Crushing Your Goals Like England Rugby & Royal Mail

Strategic Communication: Crushing Your Goals Like England Rugby & Royal Mail

Strategic Communication: Crushing Your Goals Like England Rugby & Royal Mail

Alright, let’s cut to the chase because we’re not here to dilly-dally.

You’re a senior leader, and you’ve got goals that you want to crush – whether you’re leading a high-performance sports team or a business organisation. Effective communication is what ties it all together. And you know what? We’re going to dive into the trenches and learn from the heavyweights – England Rugby and the Royal Mail.

One of our very own Managing Directors has first-hand experience of how England Rugby operates and they don’t beat around the bush when they’re in the game, they’ve got clear objectives. Similarly, in the business world, setting crystal-clear objectives is your secret weapon, no more vague mumbo-jumbo. You need to articulate precisely what you want to achieve, creating a roadmap that your team can follow with clarity.

In high-performance sports teams, like in business, there’s a chain of command that’s as tight as a drum. This structured hierarchy ensures that everyone knows who’s in charge and where to turn. In the corporate battlefield, you better believe that establishing a clear chain of command is equally crucial. No more chaos – you’ll reduce confusion and make snappy decisions. Your team will know who to call, and you can delegate like a boss.

Elite sports teams don’t whine when the opposition’s tactics change. They adapt on the fly – just like you need to in the corporate world. Market shifts? Emerging opportunities? Bring it on. You’ve got to be quick on your feet. Observe, orient, decide, and act (the OODA loop, check it out!). Stay agile and adjust your strategies to keep pace with the ever-evolving market.

High-performance sports teams nail their briefings. Concise, straight to the point, and based on the important stuff. It’s time for business meetings to step up their game. No more endless time-wasters. Make your meetings focused, ensuring everyone knows the game plan, action items, and expected outcomes. This approach not only saves time but boosts productivity and engagement.

Elite sports teams know the importance of trust. In business, trust is your holy grail. Trust and cohesion are the secret to high performance. You’ve got to foster an environment where your team trusts you and each other. No more lone wolves. When your team is a cohesive unit, they’ll go the extra mile to reach common objectives.

Need an example to look at? The Royal Mail is our poster child for adapting and transforming like a champ. Facing the challenge of modernisation, they applied the same communication principles as high-performance teams. A clear chain of command? Check. Efficient briefings? Double check. Trust, cohesion, and adaptability? You bet. Champions thrive on contingency planning and technology. They know that no plan survives contact with the enemy or the market entirely intact. So, they create backup plans and leverage technology to try to stay ahead in the game.

England Rugby’s discipline and resilience are legendary. In business, you’ve got to channel your inner RFU spirit. Discipline ensures that your team sticks to the game plan – no half-stepping. Resilience? It’s the key to bouncing back from setbacks and rallying your team to overcome obstacles. You’ll face challenges, but it’s your resilience that’ll separate the winners from the also-rans.

Finally, communication is the unsung hero in achieving your goals, whether in high-performance sports or business. Embrace these communication principles, and you’ll lead your team to victory, make killer decisions, and confidently tackle an ever-shifting business landscape. England Rugby and the Royal Mail are proof that effective communication is the cornerstone of high-performance teams and success in a competitive, ever-changing world.

Time to learn from the pros and lead your organisation to victory!

Boom, you’re ready to dominate, my friend!

Ben Stocken at the RFU

Can you spot our very own Ben Stocken in the middle working for the RFU.

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